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On my work table today…..

Somebody suggested to me to use nail polish on my paintings to create pieces that would keep their shiny glossy textured looks even once dried – so here’s the latest experiment! These little canvases have been waiting patiently for inspiration for the next step, so, while I was waiting on varnish to dry on other projects I suddenly remembered the nail polish idea and dug out my box of polishes. Hmm. I’m going to need to buy some more polish for my nails now…. definitely a rather expensive way of creating texture, but given that I am a little obsessive about collecting nail polishes it only seems right to use them somehow!

These canvases are some more that have been inspired by Leanne Hughes ❤

nail polish painting

nail polish painting tools

And this is what I’m waiting for to dry! Decoupage storage boxes for my boys. I wonder what they’ll keep in them! I’ll write up how I did this once I have some final pictures tomorrow – I must wait until the varnish is fully dry before I attempt to trim the edges and put the boxes back together otherwise they’ll stick and the week’s efforts will be wasted…..

superhero storage boxes

But oh don’t they look awesome!! The boys have seen them already (I am useless at keeping things secret from them hah) and are so excited to put things in the boxes! For those wanting to know, the paper used on the outside of the main shell is wallpaper I found at B&Q, and the paper on the fronts of the drawers is wrapping paper I found in Sainsbury’s. “Buy it when you spot it” seems to be becoming a motto for me! The paint I’ve used on the boxes is an assortment of emulsion tester pots left over from choosing colours for the house we’re starting to very slowly move into. Some types of emulsion are definitely nicer to work with than others, I’m learning that also!


One comment on “On my work table today…..

  1. littledandeliontrees
    July 17, 2016

    Lovely! It seems like a good way to use nail polish that is a bit old and too sticky for nails. I have quite a few of those bottles still (can’t throw stuff out!)

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