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Dreamsong Lullaby – painted

Ever since I wrote this poem I’ve wanted to paint it.

And now it’s finished!


As the sun sets over rooftops and houses
The sky turns to gold and the air feels a chill
Slowly your eyelids are closing so drowsily
Caught by the promise of dreams, become still

So sail away, sail away, floating on featherdown
Carried by starlight and will’o’th’wisp
Follow its melody, haunting and lonely
For the dreamsong will fade with the pale morning mist


As the moon rises with silvering halo
In skies cobalt blue, behind frostbitten clouds
Gently, so gently you fall into slumberland
Tumbling down to the dreamland below

night breeze

As the night breeze ruffles treetops so lazily
And the moon catches the foam on the sea
Caught by the winds of the dreamtime you sail away
Safe in the love of your daddy and me

(c) Jeni Entwistle 2014

Next step – to record it as a lullaby, since it does have a melody…..


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