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Floral Crochainting – part 1!

This is inspired by Pukado’s Let’s Make It! crochet and canvas post for March. Until I painted up a couple of canvases with tester pots for a house I’m helping (in a very small way) to decorate I had no idea whether or not I’d do this make, but now they’re painted they just seem to be calling for some crochainting to happen. What a lovely funny word that is!

And so I’ve been trawling the web for things to inspire me, and came across this rather lovely thing. I have a thing about dandelions anyway so find some to make was rather wonderful. I’ve not looked at the pattern, just at the picture of the crocheted dandelions, and have been having a go at making them up.

This little pot of cotton 4ply scheepjeswol has been in my stash since I finished the rainbow baby blanket back in November last year. It was like a breath of rainbowy sunshine bringing it back out into the light – finally a project worthy of its soft cottony bright and beautiful gorgeousness!


and a bag of these pop tabs / ring pulls arrived in this morning’s post as well, which was rather exciting. I’ve noticed this visual tutorial a few times and have been meaning to have a go for a while! I was hoping that these brilliant pop tab flowers would be a great accessory on a dress a friend is customising for me, but they are rather big….. may have to tweak the design a little….

pop tab crochet

Not bad for a first attempt! I used two strands of 4ply and a 4mm hook for this, and my starting flower was made of 16dc stitches into a magic circle. I think next time I will make 20dc stitches instead, and aim for a much tighter-looking flower. (This one may have to be unravelled – it’s used up a lot more tabs than I bargained for!)

pop tab crochet flower

It does look rather lovely on the Duck-Egg canvas (I’m hoping to put this Duck Egg colour in the box room) though. It may yet stay. Next step – to see if I can work up a stem with pop tab leaves! I think I’ll have to attach this with hot glue, see if I can get the tabs to stay put where they are meant to be.

duck egg pop tabs

On the Fire canvas (a colour intended for the living room) I’ve made a start with this solitary fern leaf, following Lucy from Attic24’s fern leaf pattern. She’s made a bunch of these to go on her Winter Wreath which I’m loving watching the progress on! Hopefully there will be a few more fern leaves on here, and then – who knows. It’s a work in progress, for sure!

fire fern

Everything I’ve done today has been a quick “can I make this?” effort, in between watching the chaos from the boys and their toys growing ever bigger in front of me – it’s been one of those days where even after a solid ten minutes’ tidying up, the room STILL looks like a toy bomb has hit it! This has been my view for much of the day. He has thoroughly enjoyed emptying out several toyboxes, and removing all the cushions from the sofa to make dens and piles for falling onto.

working from home

And finally, on the Aubergine (which is a potential for one of the bedrooms although we remain unconvinced at the moment – it IS rather purple!! I think my white balance may be a bit out on the picture as it’s actually a slightly warmer colour than it looks here) is my rather lovely dandelion. What fun that was to make! I will use the tail of the dandelion to stitch through the canvas itself, using Pukado’s crochainting idea, to make the stem. I think maybe one more dandelion leaf, and then who knows what else. I absolutely love the contrast of the green and yellow against that purple though.

aubergine dandelion

I’m enjoying this. It’s the first time I’ve really done any free-form crochet work, and it’s proving quite addictive! Looking forward to some more cotton time this evening once my chaos-creators have gone to bed ❤

And finally, a HUGE THANK YOU for all your interest in the Candy Strips and Blue Waves sweater pattern!! What a way to open my Ravelry shop! ❤ ❤


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