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Candy Stripes and Blue Waves

Well here’s a new venture for me…. actually listing a pattern for sale!!

The Blue Waves sweater is finally finished, the pattern has been written up, the sweater photographed (almost got blown away by the winds trying to get a decent picture of it!), and here it is.

Blue Waves Scoop Neck Sweater

And here’s the Candy Stripes sweater too!

Candy Stripes Scoop Neck Sweater

I’m so so pleased with them. Not least because now I don’t have to panic about how I’m going to keep warm when one has to go in the laundry!!

The yarn I used, Kirkton House’s Wizz Aran, came in a variety of colourways and each begged to be treated differently – so when I came to try to recreate the Candy Stripes sweater in the blue mix, it just didn’t work. And so, the Blue Waves sweater was born! Both follow the same basic pattern but there are differences in the detail. They are both designed to be a snug fit, with ribbed ends to the sleeves and body to keep them close as well. But the main reason I wanted this sweater is because I’m still nursing my littlest Bear and have never really got on with the usual array of nursing tops. I live in fairly low-cut tops, and wanted a low-cut sweater to keep me warm in these colder months when my Bear wanted cuddles. I also made my sweaters with longer arms than I can usually get, as I suffer from achey wrists when they get cold – everything is possible to fix when you can make your own sweaters!

And so, without further ado, let’s see if the link works……

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Ta-da!! So, please, if you would, that’s the link to follow……… ❤


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