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Crochet Mood Blanket – 48th day update

My blanket is now a recognisable blanket shape! 48 days’ worth of memories. Some harder to revisit than others as I’ve been playing catch-up, but the last two blocks have definitely lifted the mood somewhat.

CMB 037-040

037-040 I didn’t want to make this block. The four days of memories started with a really down day and I didn’t want to revisit it. I decided to start with “hope” instead. Made it easier to begin. Hope, despondency, a finished project, and finally a walk in the fresh air! That was lovely, to finish with the memory of the fresh air.

CMB 041-044

041-044 Yellow hair (spur of the moment, love it!), a day in Ikea, posting off of a beautiful painting, and saying goodbye to a lovely South African friend. A much brighter and more upbeat block.

CMB 045-048

045-048 Chima. Specifically, a Phoenix called Frax (I think). Lots and lots of Hope. Libby’s Kitchen. And a park in the the warm winter sunshine as we waited for hubby to chat to a customer. For upbeatness I think it even beats the last block!

CMB 001-048

Looking good! Bear came and looked it over. Asked if he could have it! I had to remind him that he already had the beginnings of last year’s mood blanket 😀

CMB 001-048 plus last year


2 comments on “Crochet Mood Blanket – 48th day update

  1. gonerustic
    February 27, 2015

    Love the colours!

  2. Martina Mai
    March 25, 2015

    Dear Messy Mama, it has been such a pleasure to discover this post about your “mood blanket”, moreover because I just published a post on my (very new) blog in which I also describe emotions and memories tied with an handmade blanket. Have a look if you want………

    By the way….your blanket looks lovely!

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