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Sticky Chocolate Cake

As some of you may know we’re a home-educating family and so my boys are with me most of the time. We’ve been hibernating a bit over winter (enforced due to exhaustion from simply trying to keep too many plates spinning and doing too much long-distance driving!) but we’ve found our way out of our cosy snuggly cave and made it out to one of our friendly home ed groups yesterday. And then my Bean decided he wanted to watch I Can Cook last night before bed. Incredibly it featured something he actually fancied making – sticky chocolate cake! Hah. If it gets him back into enjoying baking and cooking then I’m all for it. So we’ve baked today.

Huge success. Happy all round!


cooks' priviledge

I’m genuinely not a fan of eating raw cake batter. I think I used to be, when I was their age; but now, especially seeing my Bean who is incredibly picky about what he eats, tucking in with gusto to the job of cleaning out the mixing bowls, always surprises me a little!

sticky chocolate cake

sticky chocolate cake

Raspberry surprises inside my cupcakes. I’ve not tried one of these yet, we’ve shared one of the boys’ loaves first!

sticky chocolate cake

sticky chocolate cake

Super light and fluffy! Yeah, there’s definitely a plus side to using self-raising flour rather than plain and then adding all the necessary raising agents yourself…

sticky chocolate cake

sticky chocolate cake

I particularly love that because my Bear saw that the recipe showed mandarin segments on the picture, he remembered there was a tin in the cupboard and made me open it to add pieces to his plate! He also remembered the strawberries in the fridge and busied himself making them into skyscrapers for his chocolate cake city! He’s a funny one, that Bear. Takes after me FAR too much!


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