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Breaking Free

I went to an art exhibition last night. I don’t go to art exhibitions normally, not if I can help it – it’s not that I don’t enjoy art: it’s that I LOVE art, and can’t get enough of it. When I go and look and stand and stare and feel like I could stand and stare at paintings for a very long time, I find myself getting fired up and inspired and …. desperate to paint again! At the moment, in our current circumstances, it’s very difficult to paint. It’s more than just not being able to find the space or time to paint, it’s an emotional blockage because it hurts to be so constricted.

But we went, and I loved it. And of course came away feeling utterly energised, and fired up with the potential for the future!

Still, coming back to earth with a bump, today I HAD to create. I found my paint pens that I’d bought after Christmas and not looked at since, and discovered that whereas I thought I’d bought a thick and a thin silver pen, I’d actually bought a thick silver and a thin black pen. Not what I was expecting! Still, I went with it, and this is the result. One finished piece. Snowman in the moonlight.


By then I was feeling the love again. And so I have cleared a space (I’ll need to sort that box out at some point….!) glued and set some crochet stars out to dry, and found another small canvas! I’m looking forward to seeing how this one dries, especially now I know that this paint dries quite flat and matte.


I feel like I have broken through another barrier!

Of course I’ve not been able to stay away… I’ve already been in to “check” on it, and couldn’t resist dipping my fingers into the wet paint….!


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