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2015 Crochet Mood Blanket: Days 9-16 Roundup


Here we go! Days 1-16 all done and joined. I was 8 days behind so quickly but thankfully this year the designs I’ve settled on are easy enough to whip up quite quickly. The 4-day square I definitely need to give myself a few days off, write down my moods and colours, and pack my wip bag to do the whole square at once – this also gives me chance to keep up with other projects!


Days 9-12 (using the puff flower lattice square).
Day 9: purple/pink/red. Frazzled. Driving…
Day 10: multi/purple/gold. Relaxed. Lots of hooking!
Day 11: Dark grey/orange/red. Driving. Lots. Tired.
Day 12: Light grey/blue/red. Ohhhhmygosh so tired. Ikea. Driving. Red wine. Walking through fog but still clinging on to hope.


Days 13-16
Day 13: Purple/grey/dark grey, the colour of my dressing gown and pj’s, which I have been in all day. Think I’m coming down with something.
Day 14: Lightblue/ice. So cold today!!
Day 15: Red/purple/orange. Blood tests, poorly, relaxing at the inlaws.
Day 16: Petrol blue. Driving. Again.

Pattern for the Big Square – coming up!


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