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Unexpected spontaneous and brilliant!

An unexpected benefit from being too tired to plan any fun elfing adventures this year (we don’t do the “elf on the shelf” thing, our elf last year was a crafty, friendly, curious elf who just wanted to learn more about what we do and why!) is that a lot of the stuff I prepped last year has come back into play quite spontaneously this year. I’m glad I had all that stuff prepped and I’m glad (now!) that I’d never got around to archiving it because it was just there, ready, waiting.

Bean got a christmas tree sticker set to make a bookmark from his christmas party at church on sunday, and he wanted to make it yesterday morning. Bear felt a little left out – but hey, what’s this? A whole boxful of snowmen templates and stickers, ready for making! Two happy boys, sticking away. Bean’s brilliant idea (“I’m full of great ideas, mum!”) was to make a christmas picture, so we did! Of course that meant raiding another piece of prepwork from last year, a mini snowy sensory small world play suitcase which I’d never got around to actually using last year for one reason or another (the christmas bling small world play box did get used however!). We raided it for tinsel and cotton wool and sparkly stars and pompoms – and of course, Bear ran off with the strings of silver beads.


One christmas picture all finished, with trees and snowmen and stars and snowflakes – and two happy boys, and one mama with a headache!!


They were enjoying the sensory box so much that they asked for yet another piece of – yep, you guessed, last year’s work to be brought out. The christmas tree that they painted! And for an hour and a half they created amazing stories and adventures using the sensory box as props. It was quite magical to listen to and watch.


We must have gone through enough material in that one morning that last year I would have tried to spread out over five days – and which would have gone largely ignored, as these boys don’t respond especially well to “this is what has been planned for you to do today” kinds of things. They like to come up with their own ideas and for once I was actually ready to respond with the stuff needed and the result was one brilliantly inventive and collaborative morning!


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