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Oops… one habit broken!

We went away for a weekend, I forgot to get a week-in-photos post lined up, and that was it – habit broken!

So here’s a little round-up of what life’s looked like over the past few weeks….

I’ve been practising my Christmas Pancake Art. I’m definitely getting better. I even managed a monkey and a bat symbol the other day too!!


We’ve had Rudolph’s Hot Chocolate which the boys have LOVED especially since it had mini marshmallows in. We have had to put mini marshmallows on the regular (christmas) shopping list.


And we started the Christmasification of the House. I LOVED it. I let the boys decorate the tree as much as they wanted to. I put my own special decorations up, and they put their decorations up. Wherever they wanted to, within reason. And they’ve stayed there. It’s Our Tree. We brought our old tree and our boxes of decorations up from Sussex at the end of November as I couldn’t face venturing into mum and dad’s attic to find their tree and decorations, so it’s been really…. comforting, I suppose you could say, to be surrounded by my own familiar collection of sparkly bling this year.


It’s a crazy chaotic jumble of pure joy. And I LOVE IT!


I’ve also done a handful of craft fairs – it’s always a good kind of pressure preparing for fairs and setting the stall up! And when the traffic was slow, I got some drawing done too.

141207sun blues and silver tree 141207sun oh christmas tree art 141207sun silver snowman art

Messy Mama colours ❤

141207sun molescroft

But, all the driving and the cold has taken its toll and we’ve gone into hibernation. The weather is cold and wet and I’ve decided I’m simply not built for the cold! We came home Sunday night to find the boiler had turned off so the house was freezing, after setting off from Yorkshire with a patched up coolant hose in the car. It’s all fun in the winter, isn’t it…! I’ve caved and done an online grocery order and am kicking myself because the things I forgot to add to it mean I’m still going to have to go out into the Weather.

We have been creative though. It was my mum’s birthday yesterday and as much as I tried, I couldn’t get the boys to do any birthday cards. We painting though. And Bear was really pleased to see his paintings hung up to dry – he kept showing me, as if I might have missed them! Today we managed to make birthday cards for mum, and we recorded a couple of videos to say happy birthday as well. I asked the boys to say Happy Birthday Grandma – so they sang a song instead! We did get a Happy Birthday eventually though 🙂 And we made pancakes, eventually, for breakfast. It has definitely been a good day today, even if it has been fairly unconventional!


One thing I do love about the light at this time of year is that for about fifteen minutes a day, if the clouds don’t obscure it, the sun shines right through the kitchen and hall and illuminates a slice of the Christmas tree. Today Piper and Luna got in on the act (they wanted to be part of the Happy Birthday videos and decided they liked the view from the tree) and it made me smile when they were lit up by the sun!


Now that I’m up to date and have actually written a post, I hope I can keep it up again 🙂 I’m still creating, still painting, still making things and writing, still taking photographs – just not getting around to writing it up!


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