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Baby Blues

This one has definitely given me a bunch of fresh grey hairs!!! From trying to figure out a colour match, to choosing yarn type and weight and hook size (and then going and starting the blanket using a different size hook again from the one I’d chosen) – creating a replacement blanket for one that’s literally being loved to pieces is a really tough challenge 🙂

The blanket pattern is here, it’s Mrs B’s Baby Blue blanket pattern. It’s a really sweet little stitch, and has made a really pretty blanket! I used a 3mm hook, and Patons 100% cotton 4ply in “denim” to make it. I used 200g (2 skeins) to make the body of the blanket, and the border used up around 50g.


Once I got halfway through the second skein I had another panic – I measured the width of the blanket and it was over 5″ shorter than it had measured to begin with!! Oh the trials of inexperience! Thankfully, because the border is a lot less bunchy than the blanket pattern itself it helps to hold the shape of the blanket and between holding the shape, and the extra width the border provided, it ended up about the right size. Phew!


And to make me smile even more, I was tagged in a little video this morning of the recipient opening it himself – the look on his face was utterly priceless and I doubt mum and dad’ll manage to prise it away from his grasp any time soon 😀


3 comments on “Baby Blues

  1. TrulyJaded
    November 10, 2014

    Oh wow it’s beautiful!!
    Thank you for finding it and giving it a go! (And for linking to it!)

    • bratlings
      November 10, 2014

      Its for Surprisling the one you made originally! I needed a replacement as he has nearly worn his out!! He still loves it and won’t go any where without it!

  2. hotelgoddess
    November 10, 2014


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