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Working through the storm

Yesterday I struggled with a headache all day. ALL DAY. It would not shift. The boys didn’t want to get dressed, Bear (he’s almost 3yo) was in a really bad mood (I suspect he had a headache as well), and in the end I had to snuggle up with him while he fell asleep for an afternoon nap.

I could feel the opportunity to get out to see the fireworks slipping away from me thanks in part to that stupid headache that wouldn’t go away, and also thanks in part to the over-tired and very angry toddler who desperately needed to go to sleep.

So when Bean (6yo) asked to do some drawing (“can we make a magazine, mum?”) I got the paints out. Which he told me off for, because he didn’t want the paints. But I did. So I painted this. It is only the beginning of something, but it pretty much summed up what the inside of my head felt like, both in terms of the headache pain and the emotional grump.

fire painting

Done in Ikea acrylics using fingertips, a plastic fork, and a dead credit card on an 8″ square canvas.

I had some pretty encouraging comments on it yesterday while made me smile 🙂

And, in the end, with literally minutes to spare, we made it out – dressed! – to see the fireworks.

We stayed in the moment as much as possible for the fireworks – which we did manage to get out for in the end – but I made the boys stop for a moment as we headed back towards the bonfire (with their new flashy trashy plastic in hand) to take a photograph. And once we’d said hello to the bonfire we shivered our way back to the car again.


Sausages and hot chocolate for supper at home, messing around with flashy lightsabres and twirlygigs, and snuggles on the sofa with the fella once the kids were finally crashed.

flashy trash

How to survive a day.

And this morning, realising how much I enjoyed painting again (I have MISSED the feel of paint on my fingertips) I started another piece.

malaworking through the blues 1

Working through the blues, this time.

working through the blues 2 working through the blues 3

Peace, after the storm.


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