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Cabled Headband

This is a little cabled headband I made yesterday – it’s pretty sweet! I’ve been getting into cables recently, they’re quite fun to do. I’m nowhere near fantastic with them and this is pretty much the only one I can do at the moment – but that just means there’s lots out there to learn, right?!

purple cabled headband

And here’s the pattern for it:

Yarn: Patons FAB dk
Hook: 4mm
Terms are written using US abbreviations.

Special stitches: front post treble (fptr); and back post treble (bptr).

Chainless foundation 11 stitches. Turn
Row 1) ch3, 2dc in next 9 stitches, 1dc in final stitch. (20 st) Turn
Row 2) ch3, dc, dc, fptr, fptr, dc, dc; skip 3 st, 3 fptr, then go back and work 3 more fptr around the 3 stitches you skipped; dc, dc, fptr, fptr, dc, dc, dc. (Still 20 st) Turn
Row 3 (return row): ch3, dc, dc, bptr, bptr, dc, dc, 6 bptr (you will need to go digging for the second three), dc, dc, bptr, bptr, dc, dc, dc. (20 st) Turn
Repeat rows 2 and 3 (= one full cable row) until you have 18 cables.
Row 38) ch3, dc2tog x 9, dc in final st. (11 st) Leaving a loop and a long chain, break yarn.

Make the centre sc tube:
Foundation chain 16, slip stitch to first chain to form a loop. Take care not to twist the chain!
Work 8 rows of sc, joining each row with a slip stitch, and starting each row with a ch1 and sc into same stitch etc.
Fasten off, leaving a long tail.

Slip the sc tube over the start of the headband, then re-insert your hook into the loop you left on the end of the headband piece, and slip stitch the two ends of the head band together. Fasten off, leaving the rest of the tail.

Position the sc tube over the headband’s join, and use the long tail and a darning needle to carefully whipstitch the tube into place. So the same on the other edge of the tube using the tail left over from joining the two ends of the headband. Weave in ends.

If you follow this pattern and find any typing mistakes or it doesn’t make sense please let me know!!


2 comments on “Cabled Headband

  1. ceilthegreat
    November 7, 2014

    Thanks for the pattern! I’ll need trying it this weekend. Looks great.

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