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Ivory and Aran

I was given a couple of balls of ivory aran yarn by a friend and have wondered what to make with them. I thought I’d make myself a bag and found a photo to be inspired by, which happened to have a couple of crochet charts with it. I thought how hard can that be?!

Well – everything is a learning curve 😀 I’ll use a finer yarn and smaller hook next time I want to make a bag using this design!! Still, it’s a gorgeous bag. I’m going to line it with some fuschia fabric, and add a drawstring to the top.

ivory bag

Here’s the patterns for the flower, and the original photo which inspired me. I wish I could find the website it was from, if you know it please tell me so I can link back to it!

ivory bag inspiration3 ivory bag inspiration2

ivory bag inspiration1

Think I might try a 4ply instead of aran next time!


One comment on “Ivory and Aran

  1. gonerustic
    October 20, 2014

    Looks great! 🙂

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