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Lacey Tunic Crochet-along

About a month or so ago, a lady posted a picture of a beautiful crochet tunic she’d made following a chart. So many people were interested in making this tunic that she set up a group on facebook specifically to help people learn how to follow charts. I joined and made several hundred mistakes on my first tunic attempt and learnt more about how to rip stitches out without getting too fed up with the whole process 😉 But I finished! Here’s my first tunic:

14-05 tunic turquoise 1

14-05 tunic turquoise 2

14-05 tunic turquoise 3

The only problem with this tunic is that I used a wool blend yarn so for a summer tunic it’s a bit scratchy! My plan is to use up the rest of the yarn to extend it at the bottom, and wear it in the autumn over a little black number.

So, I wanted a summer tunic and went on the hunt for some cotton yarn to use. Eventually I found and fell in love with this:

14-06 new yarn phildar coton olympique

It’s sooooo lovely. And I’m really loving working with it too!

14-06 blue tunic 1

14-06 blue tunic 2

Sadly summer has been and gone and I have been busy making everything else – still, it’s there for me when I get chance to sit down and catch my breath!


3 comments on “Lacey Tunic Crochet-along

  1. Sparrowgrass
    October 19, 2014

    Is it a free pattern chart? If so would you be able to post a link because I’d love to try making one of these – yours looks so nice.

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